WELCOME TO the FREE SEX NOW WEBSITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! F*!!!!!11AGGOT11

HELLOO000000000000000 welcome to my funny site site of me and my identity you will find many here and myself have fun stay a while

i go by many names but mostly friday~~~~~~ i make art sometimes though i do not find it to be as satisfying anymore! i lpve music especially heavy, death, and black metal and heavier things. i like toys and things and having a good time. i have a plethora of mental problems and issues with myself and everything its very obvious bear with me

some things of me. i am old teen and i like some games and art. all forms of art really i also like to watch things with my eyes. i like feeling and seeing things a lot. i really like jpegs and gifs especially lower quality and low quality mp4 videos on youtube and online.i enjoy broken record people

i like to play roblox. not really any thing else i do i guess besides opening the same 3 tabs over and over and drawing and listening to music and bullying people onlines . i take a lot of interest in the human body. physiology, psychology and microbiology have been good to me. i can say i like gore, and other things related i guesss or anythings having to do with gore, like irl and all that. i am just very very desensitized to things i guess!

you could find me on many places onLine like instagram or toyhouse or something or something yaknow do that yourself!

Ok well... look at this guy https://toyhou.se/6761167.gambrel for me. he is mine i made him i love him..............so much *I kiss him*

Ok and these ones too .. https://toyhou.se/7037819.sip-soup https://toyhou.se/5135034.vasha https://toyhou.se/5807274.linen-nicodemo ....